VITAlity for Life

Welcome to an age driven by self-expression. With the universal desire to look good and feel better, everyone is a health enthusiast in his or her own way. 

VitaHealth understands that looking good and feeling great are priorities, which makes us passionate about helping you vitalise and transform yourself in a way that works for you. Our nutritional products are specially formulated to cater to your individual needs, from inner wellness to outer radiance.

They are backed by scientific expertise and 70 years of international experience in nutritional health. Furthermore, our helpful wellness programmes seek to enhance your health with recommendations and tips on balanced eating and energising physical activities.

There is only one life and each day is a gift to the healthy body and mind. Make the most of every moment, revitalise your health and charge up your life with us.

Our Brand Values

You are vital

Our commitment to vitalise and transform you goes beyond the pill and extends to services and programmes that give you access to the VitaHealth community resources. From wholesome breakfast recipes, circuit training routines to family-fun activities, all curated just for you.

Backed by experts

Over 70 years ago, VitaHealth began as a retail pharmacy, and since then we have consistently invested in expanding our product expertise and market knowledge. Our stringent standards ensure pure and effective products that meet the regulatory standards across the different markets in the region.

Every life stage

With over 350 SKUs, our wide array of health products span from inner wellness to outer appearance, all backed by science. It also caters across a diverse age ranges to meet the needs of our customers from different life stages.

To help everyone
be a better version of